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Comments as posted on the forum pages on www.thehubsa.co.za
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"Wow cycle art really do a great job keep it up guys....."
- aerbo

"Thanks to Crux and Cycle Art for my new MTB paint job. I think it came out just the way I imagined!!! I LIKE IT A LOT!!!!!!"
- Spinnekop

"Here is my Giant Reign....... I hated the army green and black that it came with...... ended up at Cycle Art - they are the best and their work is outstanding."
- Pappa Bear

" This is the 4th time that Cliff and Lilian redecorated one of my bicycles. Thanks a lot you've done a great job."
- Broker

"Did my sons mtb, a job well done! "
- Super

"Thanks Cliff and all at Cycle Art for a great job!!"
- Captain Slow

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